Music Classes

Our Music classes are offered by Internationally qualified Teachers. We offer private and group lessons with the option of Trinity Examinations.

Piano Lessons

Our piano classes are offered by an internationally qualified teacher. The lessons start from beginners to advanced. We make sure that you know as much about piano and music as any international music icon should know.

Our piano classes are individual i.e one student in one class only. So you are one on one with the teacher while learning the music lessons.

While Learning Piano will make you a better musician and instill in you the expertise required to play piano confidently.

Information in regards to the Piano Lesson Classes timetable, available at the receptionJumeirah and Motorcity.

Singing Lessons

Singing – No matter if you’re just starting out or an international singing sensation all singers need to have singing lessons! Some benefits of Singing Lesson: Build confidence, Vocal health, Developing your own style, Breath control, Public speaking.

Information in regards to the Singing Lesson Classes timetable, available at the reception- Jumeirah.

Flute Lessons

Flute lessons are available on an individual basis (one-to-one).

Our Flute Teacher is internationally qualified and owns a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts with a Major in Flute. Students are welcome to register at any level (beginners to advance). Minimum age is 8 years old.

Learning how to play the flute will help you focus better on any other tasks.

Information in regards to the Flute Lesson Classes timetable, available at the reception Jumeirah and Motorcirty